We always take the customer’s side to accommodate faster, more precise, and more advanced process technologies.

Our main focus is on simple and composite cables most in demand by our customers as well as on ultra fine coaxial cables and micro-soldering technologies.
We can provide consultation from the design stage for any of the customer’s projects.
If we are allowed to participate as a process technology partner, we will prepare and provide proposals, prototypes and production of manufacturing facilities.

Renewal of Business style

“We offer products manufactured according to customers’ specifications”
This has always been our motto. And this is how we have been managing our operations of standard processes.

There is, of course, the problem of costs during production or at the prototype stage.
But when production facilities are moved offshore due to the attraction of low costs overseas, problems concerning product quality and personnel or technology also arise.
Our company can offer a new higher level of service through cost reduction in the design of the production line and improvements in process technology.
To provide the service that enhances product quality in the long term, we work with the customer not only from cost perspective also from the project perspective.

Providing effective business

Japan’s production technology is still in no way inferior to that of any other country.

However, due to personnel costs and the price and availability of raw materials in Japan, cost controlling moves overseas are continuing.
We take pride in the high quality and precision of our core technology.
While many Japanese firms have moved offshore in recent years, we take an approach of “domestically manufacturing products in need only when necessary and supplying them only when necessary” as well as an approach of a conventional mass production.
Our commitment is to become a worldwide hub for the core technology that are difficult to operate offshore and continue to offer our products to the world.

For your convenience

Concentrating our efforts on a network responsive to customer requirements right from purchasing to manufacturing and deliver, we are able to respond to requests in a timely cost-efficient manner.
We are a company dedicated to the needs and satisfaction of the customer: always ready to respond to a new requirement.